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Visual inspector VISOMAT II

" For solid products "


Tablet turning belt for visual inspection of tablets and dragees. 
Absolutely reliable turning of tablets guaranteed. Compact unit in GMP design. Excellent access for cleaning with tool-less assembly/disassembly. 

Versatile Application 
The VISOMAT II is used for visual inspection of round and oblong-shaped tablets and dragees according to cosmetic defects such as spots, cracks, scratches, warts, missing corners and similar. The VISOMAT II is suitable for stand-alone operation as well as in combination with upstream MASCHINPEX sorting units SORTOMAT and DIASORT for additional checking of product dimensions 

Efficient Operation 
After the product has been fed from the hopper onto the upper belt the first operator checks the upper side of the tablet. In the next step the tablet is automatically turned in the turning station and then transferred to the second operator for inspection of its rear side.

Technical details :

 - Output : up to 150,000 products/h

 - Belt : adjustable, hinged for easy dismanting

 - Feed hopper : 20 liter

 - Electricity : 230V, 1 Ph + N + PE, 50Hz, 0.9kW

Visual inspector VISOMAT IV

" For liquid and lyophilised  products "


Versatile Application 
The VISOMAT IV is used for visual inspection of ampoules, carpoules, vials, infusion bottles and syringes according to foreign particles in the content as well as defects of the container and the closure. The machine can be operated as stand-alone unit or alternatively be integrated between a filling machine and a labeller. The VISOMAT IV can be universally used for a format rage from 1 ml to 1.000 ml. 

All-round Inspection
Various illumination options are available to allow for best possible product-specific inspection. Tyndall lights as well as polarised light in combination with lens and mirrors from above and below ensure safe fault detection through the operator.

Technical details :

 - Output : up to 10,000 products/h

 - Modular design : 1-lane model Visomat IV 

                            2-lane model Visomat IV-2

                            4-lane model Visomat IV-4

 - Electricity : 400V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50Hz, 1.4kW

Sorting machine SORTOMAT

" For tablet and capsule  products "


Sorters by MASCHINPEX are used for fully automatic checking of pharmaceutical and confectionery products. The SORTOMAT sorts regarding thickness. The DIASORT checks the product regarding diameter and length. The combination model SORTOMAT D sorts regarding thickness plus diameter and length.

Efficient Operation 
The product to be sorted is fed from the feed hopper to the sorting section via an adjustable gate and a vibratory feed chute. In the DIASORT the product is guided over two layers of vibrating format perforated platens where they are separated in oversizes, good product and undersizes. In the SORTOMAT the product is canalised and fed to the sorting rollers. These can be adjusted to the desired tolerances without any format parts and separate the product in the fractions too thin, good and too thick. The SORTOMAT D first guides the product over the diameter sorting unit and then checks regarding thickness.

Technical details : 

 - Function : checks thickness and diameter resp. length and rejects breakages, dust, twins

 - Products : tablets, dragees, capsules, hard-boiled candies, chewing gums and similar

 - Output : SORTOMAT from 3 to 20 lane execution.

                     output up to 1,000,000 products/h

 - Sorting accuracy : thickness 0.03mm / diameter 0.1mm

 - Electricity : 400V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50Hz

Polishing machine POLICAPS

" Capsule cleaning and polishing machine "


The POLICAPS is used for cleaning and high gloss polishing of hard gelatin capsules of all sizes. The POLICAPS can be operated as a stand-alone unit or in combination with MASCHINPEX inspection machines VISOMAT I and VISOE 120T.

Efficient Operation
The hard gelatin capsules are fed from the feed hopper to the polishing belts via a vibratory chute. The polishing belts run in opposite direction and at different speeds. This makes the capsules rotate and at the same time ensures both thorough capsule cleaning and their transport to the machine outlet.

Technical details :

 - Output : up to 300,000 capsules/h

 - Feed hopper : 50 liters

 - Electricity : 400V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50Hz, 2.5kW

 - Dimension : 1880 x 700 x 1510 (mm)

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