Apro - tech offers its pharmaceutical and biotech design department support, a multidisciplinary team of engineers, pharmacists, and biologists

 Experienced in developing projects following the necessary parameters of functional design, according to user requirements applying GMP / cGMP standards, this design takes into account the different flows of personnel, raw materials, packaged and finished product, as well as electricity, steam, pharmaceutical water and others industrial services focusing on a good envergy saving, utilities efficiency and an increase in environment productivity


Apro-tech team once hand over the conceptual design to the client, start the basic and detailed engineering, in order to provide deliverable documents and comprehensive complete project specification, specification of materials and equipment, functional specification, supporting calculations, drawing, construction details, state of measurements and lists of equipment and components.


Basic Engineering

Detail Engineering

Review of Engineering

Consulting Services



Apro-tech through its consulting team develops projects for different departments of its customers : 

production, quality, engineering, research and records in the pharmaceutical industries,

offering the service of a valuable expertise to meet standards GMP / cGMP, registers, R&D, product development, market responsiveness etc.

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