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Weigh filler


Tare-Gross Checkweigher TC8210

The TC 8210 Tare-Gross weighs each container before and after filling. The actual content is measured with high accuracy since the affect of weight deviations of the containers are eliminated. In order to further minimize errors, the Checkweigher can be combined with a counting machine, to include two different systems (counting and weighing) in your solution.

Details :

 - Tare-Gross check weighing with star wheel

 - Weighing range up to 300g

 - up to 60 products / minute

 - 21 CFR Part 11 compliance availabe

 - Various statistics

 - Multi processor control

 - 1000 programs memory storage

 - high resolution weighing cells

 - easy and quick integration with existing production lines


Checkweigher TC8410

The TC 8410 is a high-performance check weigher with a speed up to 500 weighings per minute. With a weighing range up to 300 g products can be checked very precisely for example tablet cartons for the pharmaceutical industry.

Customized solution :

During the development phase we work closely with our customers to solve extraordinary tasks. In a personal meeting we develop the ideal configuration of your machine together with you. The length and width conveyer belts are customized to your packages or products to optimize the measuring result.

Details :

 - Swivelling color touch screen display (TFT 10.4')

 - Output up to 500 pck / minute

 - Different weighing range up to 500g

 - Line synchronization control by upstream and downstream signals

 - Stainless steel housings 

Precision filling scale SW 703

The precision filling scale SW 703 is our solution for filling small quantities. This machine handles your products gently and is a good alternative to auger fillers, because there aren’t any shear forces. It´s 100% weight control eliminates the possibility of drifting of the dosage. The weighing range of the precision filling scale 703 is up to 10g with a resolution of 0.0001g.

Details :

  Control systems reach the target weight as mean value, at the lowest possible dispersion within the tolerance limits specified. Therefore rough and find dosing can be operated with one vibrated chute. Our weighing machine controls the speed of the vibration feedr with a digital adaptive control algorithm. The parameters are automatically measured and permanently checked.


 The machine supports external synchronization, a foot switch or internal synchronization. Our weighing machines are although often integrated in complete packaging lines.

Weigh filler

Weigh Filler S 715

 The weigh Filler S 715 is the perfect all round weighing machine to fill powders from 100g to 3000g. It is very flexible and applicable for very different products and it reaches a filling speed of 25 fillings per minute with just one weighing head. Just like all our weighing machines it is controlled automatically to reach an average value at the end of the workers shift. Underfeeding is impossible with the self-controlled weighing machine. This guarantees both satisfied customers and minimum product loss.

Hygienic design :

 The weighing machine is exclusively manufactured in stainless steel and is very easy to clean. All product touching parts can be removed without tools and cleaned sterile within a couple of minutes. That allows an economically filling of different products even in small batches.

Explosive-proof design :

 The weigh filler Ex 700 complies with all requirements of electrical systems and their equipment in explosive areas. Depending on customer request we can offer constructions for different zones and temperature ranges up to T6. If our customers desires, we can also share our experience with machines for ex-proof and design a complete safety concept.


Multicount 60

 Using the latest technology, our brand new counting machine meets all requirements for counting tablets, dragees, and capsules. Our novel counting and dosing system allows outputs of up to 60 dosing per minute per counting head in an extraordinary compact device. The use of fewer and more light weight contact parts saves space in the production area and furthermore reduces cleaning time. The output can be increased by a factor of 2 to 3 by multiplying the number of counting heads.

Self-optimizing control :

  The counting machine multicount 60 controls the speed of the vibration feeder with a digital adaptive control algorithm. The parameters are automatically calculated and permanently observed. The vibrating chute is automatically controlled, based on values for counted quantity and output. The speed is permanently monitored and revised. To adjust the machine to a new product the operator only has to set the quantity, the size of the tablet and the output per minute - all internal adjustments are automatically performed by the machine.



 The Minicount is an universal counting machine for all kinds and forms of tablets, capsules, dragees, etc. without the need to change parts. The construction is based on pharmaceutical conditions and is easy to clean, because all contact parts can be removed without tools. Minicount is controlled by a processor application and has a touch screen control panel. The base unit is made of stainless steel and has an integrated processor control, a supply hopper, a twin count head, a 2 track vibratory feeder, a discharge funnel and a transparent dust cover.

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